I love the sun. I don’t know why but I just love it. There’s something about a sunny day which makes me feel like I’m free to do anything I want. No puddles stopping me from wearing my white sneakers, no chilly winds telling me not to use my favorite sleeveless top, and no rain ruining all the plans I have for the day. But considering the fact I live in a tropical country, the horrid days of endless rain may arrive at any moment.

So here I am basking on a hot sunny afternoon,  taking in all the last doses of Vitamin D I can get from the sun! Hahaha. Since the climate limits my wardrobe to sweat-proof pieces, I’m pretty confident and sweat-free wearing my white sleeveless turtleneck top. I matched it with my favorite red cargo pants to add chroma to my outfit and for a chic yet bold look for my sunny day stroll.





Gifted Turtleneck | Bayo Cargo Pants | Divisoria Bag & Oxfords



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