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It’s been half a year since I last composed a blog post for Style Imbued. I’m soooo sorry for being on hiatus for too long but I have a life too and I’d like to enjoy it as much as I could. School work and the lack of inspiration to write a new blog post also played a vital role to my 6-month hiatus. I hope you guys understand!!

Speaking of school work, I’ve been drowning in a pool of deadlines and paperworks lately and it’s been stressing me a lot. So to release some of the stress, I decided to go with the fam to celebrate a family reunion at Antipolo. It was kind of a last minute decision so I just picked random clothes to wear, and hurriedly ran to our car.

After a 3-hour drive, we finally arrived in a place called Hinulugang Taktak. The moment we went inside the park, my jaws dropped. IT WAS AN OOTD PARADISE.




The whole place was so instagram-worthy I wasn’t able to hold myself back! As I explored the place, I became more amazed and overwhelmed with its crazy amount of potential. I teared up a little inside and told myself, “It’s time.” So I hastily took my camera, grabbed my sister, Macy, and began my quest for the best #ootd photo!

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The first attempt.

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Feeling a little quirky!

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Bazaar top and skirt | Converse sneakers

So that’s it! A weekend getaway that turned into a photoshoot hahaha! Despite the number of people walking around the park, I was so glad my sister was able to capture these amazing photos. Plus, I was able to relieve stress, doing what I love doing -Modeling. Jk! 

How about you? What do you do to de-stress during weekends? 🙂


4 Comments Add yours

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    beautiful! I love how put together but still cool this is 😀
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


    1. Eden Soriano says:

      Thank you so much!! ☺


  2. rosyvogue says:

    Your outfit is so cute & this place looks beautiful ♥


    1. Eden Soriano says:

      Thank you so much Rosy! Indeed, it is! ✨

      Liked by 1 person


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