Friday Finds FB 2

I’m back with a new post here on the blog! I have been struggling with consistency in posting here on Style Imbued so I thought of something that would motivate me to write new blog posts every month.

It all started while I was decluttering my bedroom. As I was fixing and organizing all of my stuff, I was shocked to see I had so many things I haven’t used or I forgot I had! Well, some of them I remember but most I didn’t probably because I bought them in pure impulsiveness hehe.

I piled them all up and separated all those I can still use from those I had to throw away. This was the hardest part since I wanted to keep everything. Who knows? I might be able to use them someday, right? RIGHT? Ugh, the struggle. I looked through each pile and  thought, why not share rare finds like these with my readers?

Thus, the inspiration for Friday SI Finds! (If you are wondering what SI means, it’s an acronym for Style Imbued.)

I will feature new finds relevant to my blog’s theme, “Inspire with Style.” These new finds are not limited to fashion related items and will also feature inspiring blogs, Instagram feeds, and places to eat.

So, what should my next Friday Finds post be about? Food? Fashion? Comment your suggestions below!



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